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Let ChiefTV produce your Professional-Grade Commercial and air it on ChiefTV Network Live!

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ChiefTV is an academic and non-profit organization at Kickapoo High School in Springfield, MO. We’d love your help in making ChiefTV an even better experience for students by both hiring us to produce your business’ commercial and advertising with us on ChiefTV Network Live at and throughout the building in public areas of KHS, seen by thousands and staff and students every single day!

Community Partner Commercials that ChiefTV students have previously produced can be found on our YouTube Channel. Subscribe to ChiefTV Today!

1 – We Produce Professional Grade Promos, for “Free”:

We want to write, shoot and produce your Professional-Grade, broadcast-ready commercial for television and Internet!

We will arrange a time for filming needs with you as soon as possible for both parties.
After developing a 30-60 second script advertising your business and a kid-friendly language targeted toward a teenage demographic, Kickapoo ChiefTV students will edit and produce a 30 second professional quality advertisement suitable for broadcast COMPLETELY FREE OF REQUIRED PAYMENT.

Here’s what you and your business get:

-1 professional-quality DVD of the video promo delivered to you upon completion – Thanks for letting us learn!
We know you’ll love the commercial and you’ll be impressed that this complex work came from high school students.
How about helping us continue to grow by airing this or any other promotion to all of Kickapoo High School?

2 – Get your commercial watched by all of Southwest Springfield!

Donate to our ChiefTV equipment fundraising cause and:
-We will broadcast your 30-second advertisement during our daily video television and internet video channel, every day!
*Our channel is watchable on our IOS and ANDROID app on all smartphones!! The Channel is also playing at KHS, on YouTube, and our website

Who Will See It?
This weekly broadcast is seen by over 1800 captive “in classroom” students and staff at Kickapoo High School each day, in addition to 200-300 web visitors every day.

-Want the video on Your Website? We will post your commercial to YouTube for embedding and online video streaming, if you wish. Most businesses we’ve worked with (over 200 in SW MO+) have loved our online video embedding for their own site and have noticed increased profits and community connections!
Our student-produced commercials have been aired repeatedly on national and international airwaves – they are THAT GOOD.

3 – Our Non-Profit School Organization needs your help!

-We are a non-profit organization and will gladly provide tax-deductible receipt and/or letterhead documentation.
Please directly help struggling Springfield students INSTEAD of the Taxman☺
Plenty of friendly ChiefTV business partners have donated, often yearly. Thanks for all of the community support!
You won’t find a better deal than this!
Most professional commercial projects cost over $10,000 to produce and they don’t tailor your commercial to your exact needs.
Our ChiefTV students will produce a professional quality ad for you and your business and broadcast it to our audience for any donation you deem fit. We need financial help in any way! If your business donates to ChiefTV, our student producers earn 100% on the graded assignment, as “paid work” is our ultimate media life-lesson, compliment, and career goal!

-You can also receive full national broadcasting rights to the commercial for any donation (suggested $250+) to ChiefTV.

Please help us!

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